JavaScript tutorial: Adding touch events |

Touch events allow users to interact with mobile devices via touch gestures such as finger swipes and taps. In this tutorial, learn how to implement JavaScript touch events. Watch more at

This tutorial is a single movie from the JavaScript: Events course presented by author Ray Villalobos. The complete course is 2 hours and 10 minutes and shows how to use JavaScript events to respond to clicks, form input, and touch gestures in your web applications.

1. Learning about Events
2. Working with Common Events
3. Working with Time-Based Events
4. JavaScript: Events in Action


5 thoughts on “JavaScript tutorial: Adding touch events |”

  1. This is cool, but adding touchmove event every time when touchstart event fires seems a bit weird as it may add touchmove event again and again whenever you touch the same element

  2. Hi, Thank you for this video. I am still learning code to develop my own app one day. What do you do so that you can drop it anywhere, move it again into position and resize the dropped image? I want my user to place something until it fits perfect and then resize it. PS: If your looking to develop my app with me we can also talk as I am so eager to get it done and need it for our socity and I am not learning fast enough to do it 😉 The principle of my app is based on this game of yours. PS PS Fantastic video Thank you !

  3. Thats a cool tutorial Ray, I get that for an example you are adding the eventListener for touchmove within the touchstart method. But that is going to keep on adding the touchmove event every time touchstart is fired right?

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