Is Facebook Long-Form Video Dead?

On this week’s Social Media Marketing Talk Show, we discuss our reasons for pulling three shows from Facebook with Michael Stelzner. Amanda Bond brings us the latest ads news.

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Is Facebook Long-Form Video Dead?


8 thoughts on “Is Facebook Long-Form Video Dead?”

  1. Thanks for the show, yes, I agree with you, this is first time I saw your show….I love FB, but never saw your show before. I don't like a video more than 1 minutes without telling me what the video about.

  2. Subscribed + clicked the bell for alerts! Now I have to rethink my whole video strategy. But for me, the real star today is ThruPlay – I’m definitely checking that out this week.

  3. I’m in the sub club, only found out about the Journey a few days ago and I’m loving it!

    Looking forward to seeing your future content.

    Out of interest, what live stream system are you using? I saw BeLive in use on the Journey, but this doesn’t look like it.

  4. Great show, changing my strategy immediately! Btw you keep saying to subscribe (done), to hit the bell for notifications (done) but then you say to let us know we have done that. HOW???

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