Google Ads Tutorials: Welcome to Google Ads

Jump start your business’s digital journey and growth. Get an overview of the Google Ads Tutorials Digital Readiness series and learn how to maximize your learning experience.

Welcome to Google Ads YouTube channel!

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23 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Welcome to Google Ads”

  1. Hello Google Ads, I am a creator from the Philippines, I am planning to promote my videos through Google Ads and I only have G-Cash. Now I can't proceed because it says: Unable to complete transaction: prepaid cards can't be used.

    Is this really your policy? And if so, maybe you can allow this method of payment in order for wider people to access Google Ads services. I hope you'll respond to this message, it will be highly appreciated. 🧡

  2. You show me ads that are not relevant, and even when I click “not interested” they keep showing up. Such as these gay webtoon comics, someone pulling earwax out of their ear, and someone getting a piece of food out of the mouth.

  3. I just started using Google ad but my account was suspended because of suspicious payment. Many phone calls with Google support, emails, documents all led to and automated reply with saying that " my account will never get reinstated". It's really sad..

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