Google Ads Tutorials: Creative best practices for App campaigns

App campaigns make it easy to promote your apps across Google using a few lines of text, the right bid, ad group structure, and quality assets. Learn the creative best practices to make sure the assets you provide reflect your app goals, engage users, and maximize your inventory.

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17 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Creative best practices for App campaigns”

  1. Bad support, my accounts are suspended due to suspicious payments, I find no justification for this, and I can't find anyone helping me with Google support
    Please contact me
    Account ID


  2. so for image assets, just images with no texts. The text/call to action button is auto generated from lines of text provided?
    is there a preview option?


  3. Hello bro i created google ads, but payment card he not accepted why, when i put my credit number then system say
    Unable to complete transaction: prepaid cards can't be used but why bhai can you give Me his information am waiting for your answer

  4. Hey, thank you for your video. Here's a question. In the asset coverage, why the text lines are max. 4? These days I find it's max. 5 titles and max. 5 lines of text while creating a new campaign.

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