Google Ads Tutorials: Acquire new customers with Search lead form extensions

Learn how Search lead form extensions can help drive quality leads with a more seamless user experience when prospective customers fill out forms to express an interest in your business.

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15 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Acquire new customers with Search lead form extensions”

  1. This seems like it might be mostly useful for B2C leads (for services or high-ticket phone sales.) BUT for b2b I find it rather useless, especially if the forms are pre-filled with Google account data. Most b2b decisions makers won't have their corporate info on their gmail accounts, making the pre-filled data on mobile useless in terms of qualification (even if you have a wide net like most SaaS companies). The only b2b context where I can imagine this to work would be selling infoproducts and e-learning, which is the b2b vertical most similar to b2c.

  2. You fucking mongoloids,im sick of your ads on youtube,worst shit u ever did to utube,i only see ads im not interested in.and i see these ads for half a year each day,no matter what i do.i hope that guy who decided to make this will die of cancer

  3. I'm happy i'm studying to become a data analyst because I have a feeling when this finishes " deep learning " will have taken my Google ads partners joob… But great for end user.

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