Google Ads Help: How to create a video campaign
With Google Ads, you can choose different video ad formats and campaign settings for different marketing goals

These video ads appear across the web, and on YouTube, which receives visits by more than 2 billion users. Targeting specific topics, keywords, and demographics help you hone in on your audience while they watch their favorite videos.

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16 thoughts on “Google Ads Help: How to create a video campaign”

  1. I am confused….do I have to pay for this? It popped up on my gmail…I really wanted to monetize my videos, will this help me earn money on my YouTube?
    Edit- nvm I got reviewed by YT and now I can put ads on my vids, I thought this was a way to do it. Sorry I was really confused about gmails I recieved, ty 🙂

  2. Your Google Ads website needs a little work. It is actually quite confusing as an advertiser. I get confused when trying to start a new campaign, also where to find my limit for ads for the day, and also my bid amount per view, and which platform to show it on. It's a maze, and I just keep clicking things, hoping the right place will appear.
    @GoogleAds #GoogleAds

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