17 thoughts on “Full Fluid Centered Flash Website Tutorial True Fit Part 2”

  1. hey i sent you the 3d technology video…i hope you enjoy it and like it….if you liked my video please SUBSCRIBE!!! and i promise to subscribe back to your channel 🙂

  2. Nice add to part one, I missed this function already :). Though I think I could have pull it of on my own. It's still great for my first as3 experiences and give a lil more guidence 😉

    Starting at part 3 right away!!

  3. Feedback noted… thank you… I really dont know what happened to this render… did it like all my other HQ videos… all my 2009 vids are HQ… part 1 came out crispy clear… it is wierd indeed…

  4. import flash.display.StageDisplayState;
    function goFullScreen():void
    if (stage.displayState == StageDisplayState.NORMAL) {
    } else {
    stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, _handleClick)
    function _handleClick(event:MouseEvent):void

  5. Oh I thought of a small request that goes perfectly with this tutorial: proper usage of the fullscreen function in AS3. I'm using the following but getting a security error:

  6. I know man… good call… I have been putting off the new building community website tutorial, with flash integrated for media and all… for a while now cuz it is going to take some care and time to present it to where it does not confuse the shit out of everyone… happens to me a lot… I am starting it at least… this week… bought domain called webintersect for the live building and viewing of it, and source code… should be interesting!

  7. yeah that's right. but man you don't only work with flash you also work with php and other things. i just saw the video about "PHP & MySQL Member System Foundation Showcase" and that is awesome. i'm just witing to try it out.

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