7 thoughts on “Facebook Groups | Parenting under Quarantine”

  1. @Facebook. Thanks for caring about moms and small businesses like myself. To that effort can you please reactivate my account "natalia sardella"?! This is my blog pen name which houses my small business page "wonderfully cute dogs" for blog barkhook.com. You keep disabling my account with NO explanation. This is impacting my bottom line! I need to be able to support my family!

  2. Hello Facebook, i have problème, I forgot the facebook password and forgot the email password and did not find a way to recover my account, I remember that I was using my phone number, but I did not find it to receive a code to reset the password, then I went to did you no longer have access to these items? I entered a new email address and then contacted three trusted contacts and put the codes said Enter a new password and said Congratulations, you have successfully verified your identity, an email has been sent but I did not receive a message on the email to recover the account, although he gave me the operation succeeded and congratulations. I have confirmed your identity, but the link does not send me an email to complete the recovery process. Hope you answer me as soon as posible and thank you.

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