Two way Flash + PHP communication – Adobe Flash Tutorial AS3

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This tutorial file demonstrates two way flash actionscript + PHP communication. Send variables to php, process in PHP, send the data to display back in flash.


11 thoughts on “Two way Flash + PHP communication – Adobe Flash Tutorial AS3”

  1. as3 gets back data from php but couldn't process it , for example , i have data when write
    var returndata ;
    but Returndata is equal to null when i write
    var returndata;
    php echo "Returndata=$somthing"

  2. @luisitox807

    while i didnt watch the tutorial cos i dunno whats wrong with my connection right now, it's terribly slow.

    @ in php is used to suppress or silence errors from a function or variable
    for instance if i have a mail() function in my code, meant to send email from php

    if there is a problem sending the mail, maybe the mail server was badly configured, Using @mail() will suppress the output error and the codes end up executing as though, no error occurred.
    hope this helps.

  3. please help me !! I'm creating a flash website and I want to view in a Dynamic text field something like that (you're ip adress is : ………) ……please help me.

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