Inspiration Matters: How Pinners are staying inspired and what that means for brands | Webinar

When every email, every article and every sales pitch start the same way… “In these uncertain times…” one thing is certain. People. People are resilient. They’re creative. They’re industrious. They’re reimagining work, home, family, school, meals, celebrations, fashion…and they’re finding their inspiration on Pinterest.

With global all-time highs in engagement on the platform, Pinterest is now, more than ever, an unparalleled window into consumer behavior that shows us what’s most important to more than 335 million people around the world. Join Head of Marketing Research Jenna Landi and Head of Creative Strategy Andy Holton to explore what we’re learning about what people on Pinterest need now, and how brands can stay relevant and drive impact.



2 thoughts on “Inspiration Matters: How Pinners are staying inspired and what that means for brands | Webinar”

  1. Hi Jenna & Andy – Great video. I manage several PINTEREST pages for clients and certain niches are doing better than others. My own has seen over 500,000 increase in monthly viewers. One beauty client has seen a 1 million increase per month. THEN my travel client has gone into the depths of despair. But I encourage them to stick with PINTEREST! We will get through this! Increases and decreases are the norm on Pinterest. Just keep up the pace… or rather pinning.

    I am sure PINTEREST will continue on a phenomenal pace. I encourage ALL those who inquire about PINTEREST to get on board. IT IS THE NEXT "GO TO" instead of other more usual venues. I am tired of so many "selling" their Pinterest secrets. Honestly, I rather help others than do this.

    So many desire to use PINTEREST as a source of income, so why not help out in this time of chaos? Share what you do, make Pinterest the "caring" search engine for all things, life is not about the almighty dollar. Especially now. Pinterest is a beacon of light in my opinion.
    – JO Wilmer Be Inspired!

  2. Not sure how I feel about data that claims a huge percentage increase in search terms in the 3rd week of March compared to the 2nd week of March, which is what most of this data was. I was hoping to see longer timelines

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