How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress

For styling tweaks you can easily add templates for your pages and even for single posts in your theme. But there are rare times you want to use a completely different theme for a section or a page of your site. In this video, we will show you how to use multiple themes for pages in WordPress.

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Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this Tutorial:

Start by making a complete backup of your site and disabling any caching plugins on your site.

Then install the themes you are wanting to use for your site in your themes area.

Install and activate the Jonradio Multiple themes plugin and go to Appearance, Multiple themes to configure.

Here you can select which theme is for the homepage and choose a url prefix and a keyword that will make the page a different theme.

Customize the theme how you would want it to look and you will be using that theme in specific areas of your site.

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28 thoughts on “How to Use Multiple Themes for Pages in WordPress”

  1. Hi
    I am Ranjan kumar
    Can you tell me how to use page for multiple pages actually
    i have one website front-end and back-end and
    i want to use one database for both and also in one theme

  2. Unfortunately, in your haste to create a one minute tutorial, you only answer half the question. You explain how to add multiple themes to the website. You do not make clear how to add multiple themes to a single page. I am seeking to learn the step by step details of creating a long page, where each section down the page is a different theme, making a single page seem to be several, discrete pages. In this way, I can avoid building several separate pages, ending up with a complex and silly-looking navigation bar at the top of each page. If you have any insights, I would appreciate whatever knowledge you can share. I have been told it is possible to use multiple themes on a single page…merely have not had anyone explain how this is accomplished. Thank you!

  3. Sorry you are explaining the tutorial SO FAST. I can not understand anything especially athe section after installing the plugin. Your video must be at least 10 min to explain clearly and slowly and in detail.

  4. Maybe you could do a "part 2" to this. Once the plug-in is activated, and the multiple themes are working, how do you customize the secondary theme?  I can't find any help anywhere about how to do this.

  5. Have to agree with Brendan, who was this aimed at? If beginners it was way off target as you assumed far too much. Didn`t get much of the information and i`ve watched it a few times now.

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