How do reconsideration requests work at Google?

Please walk us through the reconsideration request process from Google’s perspective. Has anything about the reconsideration process changed recently?
Matt Cutts, Bay Area, California

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14 thoughts on “How do reconsideration requests work at Google?”

  1. How about GOOGLE file a reconsideration on itself. Honestly, while you're playing I know better than you webmaster, and we don't like the way your site looks or the way it's laid out were going to penalize you and make you lose money to feed your family. Now GOOGLE try doing your own search and see how flawed your system really is. Residential painters Chicago, and watch how the majority of painters in the natural area are from out of town. Such a great search engine. Wonder if Joe blow painting company in LA would be willing to give me an estimate on my living room? I just might call exit west painting in New York for a quote to paint my bedroom next.

  2. Nice video .. but how does one actually file for reconsideration so as to find out if there was an action, as I have no idea why we went from page 1, since like Nov 2013, on our target search, to page 3 (Apr 2014)? 

  3. I like my site. I don't know why Google does not like my site. I don't have hidden text, I don't use cloaking, I'm avoiding keyword stuffing! I'm just tired seeing competitors with pure content on first page in Google. Soon I will be on street – it's much understandable – its much simplier! Stand on the street begging for some food – at least you have food this way.

  4. My question is. Why google do not tell me what page do not meets this Guidelines. How can I know what page Google does not like? Can anyone tell me? Maybe google quality team? Why don't put exact page that google quality team does not like? Is this so hard?

  5. I have many sites and one of my site was banned manually. Google wrote me: that one or all my pages does not meets Google Quality guidelines! I sent reconsideration request. I worked very hard. I have made many new pages with quality, useful, an unique content. I have removed all pages that, in my opinion, can be consider by Google as low quality pages. And still my site is violate google guidelines – without telling me what page(s) exactly don't like Google.

  6. I could give a shit about the reconsideration process. I just want to get my first check reissued. My customer ID # is 0087853716277822 and every time I try to use it I get a 'not recognized' notice in red letters. I can't even utilize the help page because I am locked out. So what's the dealeo? YOU issued the # and now YOU won't recognize it. Can a HUMAN look into this, or am I in the land of OZ.

  7. @GoogleWebmasterHelp

    Having my website penalized would have to be one of the most stressful things in the world. I think you should hire more staff at the webspam team, so that reconsideration requests can be processed a heck of a lot faster.

  8. @GoogleWebmasterHelp I'm genuinely gratified to have received a response, so thank you. And what you state does in fact match your "official" published position. But let's face facts, shall we? The results from Analytics often don't feel "right", and people looking to check beyond page 1 (OK, maybe 2 or 3) have no practical way to do so, other than using tools that would have to be viewed as "automated". Practically speaking, disallowed tools are required to do "checking".

    I'll concur that

  9. @Jeffyablon This concerns me. If checking your placements in the SERP's is against the rules I would like to know so as well. If a Google employee could chime in on this I'd very very appreciative because I check my SERP positions constantly and daily.

    I don't think this is against any guidelines but since you brought it up it has me concerned.

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