Google Ads Tutorials: Meeting your goals with Display

Discover how to build a Display strategy around your business goal, whether its driving online sales, generating leads or getting store traffic.

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2 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Meeting your goals with Display”

  1. First.

    Assuming I want to run Display campaigns for just a few products, should I just specify the "landing page url" to the individual product I want to advertise and NOT connect the campaign to my product feed?
    I'd love to know the best practice for having a campaign for just 1 or 2 products. 1 campaign for 1 product mostly makes sense (one landing page url), but if I wanted to put 2 (different) products in one campaign, should I just make 2 ad groups and NOT CONNECT IT TO MY PRODUCT FEED? Or can/should I link it to my product feed and exclude the other products (can I even exclude products in Display campaigns).

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