Google Ads Help: Fix a disapproved Google Ad

In this video, we’ll show you how to fix a disapproved ad. A disapproved ad isn’t able to run. you’ll want to find out why the ad was disapproved so that you can make the appropriate fix.

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15 thoughts on “Google Ads Help: Fix a disapproved Google Ad”

  1. I made an instrumental beat and its been disapproved for 'violence' when there is nothing that is said or no inappropriate imagery? I appealed and it failed again.

  2. There soo many other artists that uses curse words in there music videos. I’ve seen a whole bunch of ads where musicians actually be cursing. My ads keep getting disapproved like wats up wit y’all?

  3. Hey Google, the point is why you blocked my account? Have you properly checked my account? I blocked for the reason circumventing system policy, I heard that circumventing system policy means no connection between the ad and the landing page. I am not misleading the users. We will not do such types of things, as we are a registered entity. I am using Google Ads since 2017, till now I haven't done any such things, you can cross-check my entire ad account, I can you show all the ads which I have run so far. If you could arrange a call from your team and explain to the mistake I have done it will be more helpful. Please do not block it, as I have worked hard for this company for the last 2 and half years & I have set one standard for this company. All my employees will be jobless If I closed this company. One request from my side, please check my account once again. We are a private limited company. still, you are not mentioning what mistake we have done. I tweeted you on twitter about this issue. This is not the right way to suspend any account with any clarity. Maybe you are very big when it comes to the search engine but this is not the right way to treat your customers, Now we are very serious about this, we want to know the mistake we have done. this is the company account and we are very legal, we haven't done anything suspicious. You are sending the same email daily, that we cannot do anything & we cannot tell you more about this issue. really have you checked my account? who is leading this? who takes care of this issue? who is the head to take the decision to suspend the accounts? we want to talk to him. We are expecting a positive reply from your side? is this the way you treat your customers without intimating anything?

    Reply me on

  4. en

    Was lifted this section to clarify the fact that Google Edwards how to steal its customers professional ways, is questionable and non-exposed, where luring customers through lured coupons and advertising gifts upon payment of $ 20 and after that you charge your account and passes on the campaign 10 days and ends the 20 dollar suspend your account arguing that you violated their policies and when you come to send them to find out why, for Atattiyk the reason for the suspension of your account just say you violated their policy, and thus end up that they are stealing the remaining of the money paid, where this is not the first time, but more than once and is not the first problem, but faced many and a lot of website owners and Almdwanat who came to advertise in Google Edwards company and I am fully prepared to face Google Edwards company and wish of all both think advertising in Google Edwards company to step down, for Google Edwards company because they redress company and steal its customers and does not have a support which, as well as their employees treat them badly and Athjajoa trivial excuses and lies and hope of the brothers not to fall into the trap and this section is the only conclusive evidence, the health of my words


    A été levé cette section afin de clarifier le fait que Google Edwards comment voler ses clients des moyens professionnels, est discutable et non exposées, où leurre clients grâce à des coupons attirés et cadeaux publicitaires sur le paiement de 20 $ et après que vous chargez votre compte et passe sur la campagne de 10 jours et se termine le dollar 20 suspendre votre compte faisant valoir que vous avez violé leurs politiques et quand vous venez à les envoyer à savoir pourquoi, pour Atattiyk la raison de la suspension de votre compte juste dire que vous avez violé leur politique, et donc finissent qu'ils volent le reste de l'argent versé, lorsque cela est pas la première fois, mais plus d'une fois et ne constitue pas le premier problème, mais face à de nombreux et beaucoup de propriétaires de sites Web et Almdwanat qui est venu faire de la publicité dans la société Google Edwards et je suis tout à fait prêt à faire face à Google Edwards entreprise et souhait de tous les deux croient la publicité dans la société Google Edwards à démissionner, pour la société Google Edwards parce qu'ils redresser la société et de voler ses clients et ne pas avoir un support qui, ainsi que leurs employés les traite mal et Athjajoa excuses et les mensonges insignifiants et espoir des frères de ne pas tomber dans le piège et cette section est la seule preuve concluante, la santé de mes mots

    shaban negm tel: 00201093121688

  5. lol – the day when you actually start caring about cxs will be a glorious day of mankind…
    Up until the ad is running everyone is ready to talk,the moment for one of your God created policy the ad is suspended there is no one ready to talk,and you don't even tell why and then a moron says you don't owe Google we can do anything.

    I have switched to bing ad and They are superb.
    You and your Policy suck cause they aren't for your cxs those things are for yourself, and let me make it very clear, if you actually think you are God of internet…then my middle finger welcomes you.

  6. Hi,

    How to get my suspended Google Ads account by AJAY (for violating Google un-suspended?

    Below is the email sent by "AJAY" basically notifying me that I will never be able to advertise on Google for the rest of my life!!! SERIOUSLY??? WHO DID I KILL???

    "Hi Musa,

    Hope you are doing good.

    This email is in regards to your concern with Google Ads account CID ( 9334270696).

    Thank you for waiting while we reviewed your appeal. After looking at your case again, we've confirmed that your account is in violation of our Google Ads policies. Regrettably, this decision will not be changed and the account will not be restored.

    Because of the violation, please do not create any new Google Ads accounts as they will be suspended too.

    Our support team will not be able to give you any more specifics on the case or suspension.

    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.



    Google Ads Team"

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