29 thoughts on “Flash Tutorial for Custom Scrollbar with any content”

  1. Yes, certainly YES; ADAM is the man. HOW CAN I COMMUNICATE WITH YOU SIR? If it will be possible it will be beneficiary for both of us. A lot of thanks to ADAM from the depth of my heart.
    SAZJAD, from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. ADAM is an expert teacher surely , But the teacher will be perfect when his followers can use his technique successfully. So I request you to help me by providing the correct code, the code does not work properly.
    If any one of the viewers of the video have corrected the code, I REQUEST you the share the code for the new programmer of actionscript 3.0

  3. Man…once you get going, the content is alright, but STOP TALKING ABOUT WHAT YOUR A.S. DOES FOR FIVE GODDAMN MINUTES. Just SHOW US how to do it before people leave the video out of boredom.

  4. i want to make an image scroll bar. basically replacing the scrollbar with lots of images, so you drag the images back and forth to look at them. does anyone know how i do this?

  5. Who is the man? ADAM is the man. lol. I really enjoy your lessons and those are really really helpful. You show us the options that can be done not just the lessons. Many thanks ADAM…

  6. I was just wondering how I would duplicate the entire scroll box so I can change it's size. Just a simple copy and paste doesn't work because when I change the duplicates size it also changes the original.

    Hope someone can answer this.

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