43 thoughts on “Flash CS4 Tutorial Animate Bones Armeture Layer and Movieclip”

  1. Thanks man, that was very helpful. I bet there is a way to modulate the deformation effect. I know you didn't want to spend forever on this video, but I'm going to go look for a solution to that now. This is flippin sweet. Thanks.

  2. haha ppl are jealous of your work thats y they flame you. Im 20 and trying to figure this out. how do you stop it from stretching his face? and deforming it? AND how to you animate other things…like lets say him throwing a ball??

  3. I get a stupid error! "inverse kinematics bones do not/support this version of actionscript. To see the bones on your objects you must target at least Actionscript 3.0" How do I fix this!?!?!?

  4. hey dude!!!!

    ive got this problem in flash,(like always lol)!!!i done these equilizers going up and down with speakers pumping up and down,when i test movie it plays in exellent quality,but when i export it,the quality is crap and nothig moves,no equilizers nothing,!

    what am i doing wrong??!


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