12 thoughts on “Facebook Groups | Clap At 7 For Essential Workers”

  1. i wi;l just say that
    1. i see this Ad everywhere and it''s annoying.
    2. i have never heard ANYTHING at 7:00 so whats the point?
    3. If i heard this waking me and a lot others up at 7:00 No one would wake up and think to themselves, "Wow, good on everyone for supporting essential workers!" before being frustrated at the noise.

  2. Personally I don’t know what is the value of making noise to honor frontline heroes. I appreciate the effort but don’t see the value. We’ve decreased air pollution but inducing sound pollution. There are seniors, sick people, new borns and pets in the neighborhood who aren’t comfortable with the noise.

    Does anybody else think the same?

  3. in the middle of the night, this ad is annoying af. i came here at 5 a.m. because this junk just woke me up. and it had to be known. take it off air. thank u. we're trying to slp to freeking goto wrk!

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