7 ways to verify site ownership – Google Search Console Training

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg goes over the 7 ways to verify your site ownership in Google Search Console and activate Search Console for your site. The individual verification methods are:
DNS record (3:00)
HTML file upload (5:38)
HTML tag (7:03)
Google Analytics (8:04)
Google Tag Manager (9:36)
Google Sites (11:03)
Blogger (11:43)

Verify a website → https://goo.gle/36ffeb1
Google Analytics user permissions → https://goo.gle/2LAWWZM
Configuring Search Console data in Google Analytics → https://goo.gle/2PxaRkI
Google Tag Manager users and permissions → https://goo.gle/355oVbD
Compare Google classic Sites & new Sites → https://goo.gle/2PxZDwi

Watch more Search Console Training videos → https://goo.gle/sct

Next on Search Console Training, learn about Performance Reports in Search Console (coming out January, 2020).

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15 thoughts on “7 ways to verify site ownership – Google Search Console Training”

  1. Thank you Sir.
    I am learning A B C..
    It seems i need to attend lots of classes. And read all console pages step by step all need full time and more…
    Dhanayvad means Thank you so much Sir.
    I have only version 5, an android device device.
    Please reply to guide me.
    Google User from India.

  2. NEED Help! I was not able to verify from GSC (in 24hr) so I deleted the record from my Bluehost DNS (TXT) and pasted new record from GSC still not able to verify… Did I mess it up? help please!

  3. Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights are my loving tool. I don't know why people are paying for third-party tools that provide the same information about technical optimization.

  4. Amazing series. I hope there will be more regarding search console' features and its usabilities in details. I've verified my site just a few days ago with DNS on domain property and I needed to add URL prefix also in order to link it with analytics. I do have a question, I have been shown 16 valid pages but google shows only 9 results once I search with site:rankbytes.com . Do I wait or manually request indexing for rest of the pages that are not appearing yet?

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