3 Easy Steps to Submit Your Site to Google and Get Indexed For SEO

Want to rank high on Google? Well, the first step is getting indexed. Without that, you won’t even be found.
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Step #1: Sign up for Google Search Console – this allows you to see your website like how Google see’s your website (at least to some extent).

This allows you to see if Google has any issues which may cause your site to not be indexed.

Step #2: Create a sitemap – using the Yoast SEO plugin you can create a sitemap. If you don’t have a WordPress blog you may have to do this manually, but this one file is what search engines use to quickly index your whole site.

Step #3: Submit your sitemap – take that XML sitemap and submit it to Google Search Console.

Every time you update your website, Google will update their index on their end as they pull from your sitemap.

It’s that simple… follow those 3 steps and you will be indexed in Google.


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