Can coding errors affect how a page is indexed?

“Previously you mentioned that w3c validation isn’t a ranking factor. Some people took this to mean that coding errors can’t affect SEO. Many don’t believe that. Can you give some examples of HTML errors that CAN affect SEO?” Ryan, Dearborn, MI

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7 thoughts on “Can coding errors affect how a page is indexed?”

  1. 1. if in a page have over then 100 url id its effect in SEO ?
    2. i will see that my site results display different every search in google some time 300 ,600, 6000 . then again 300,2680 …… that why ?
    3. i will buy a domain which is fast resisted in 2005 then expiry in 2011 after that i will buy it in 2013 did its effect in google ? if yous good or bad ? (no Alexa Rank, no google PR,TR, no Backliks now) ..
    i'm not so strong in english so sorry .. i'm 16 now if DMCA come its gate actin on me ?

  2. Besides the SEO or non-SEO factors, valid coding is cleaner and neater, and shows that the coder/developer knows at least knows how to code according to standards, which of course another programmer can follower easier. How many people have attempted to edit a site which looks likes its been coded by a 5 year old with a blunt crayon? ARGHHHH!

  3. He forgets to mention that a missing alt tag on an image is a 'coding error' and CAN affect the SEO actually since it provides some context to the image that otherwise could not be 'read' by the crawlbot.

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