Under the Hood: Discovery ads

Discovery ads are a new way to reach people across Google properties in the moments when they’re open to discovering your products and services – whether they’re browsing videos in the YouTube home feed, checking timely offers in the Gmail Promotions tab or swiping through Discover to catch up on the latest news.

Go behind-the-scenes with Google’s product leads to learn what inspired the creation of Discovery campaigns. Get an inside look at how research and design principles helped our teams build a new ad experience that delivers value to consumers and brands alike.

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5 thoughts on “Under the Hood: Discovery ads”

  1. Warning!
    Google ads will rob you.
    Google ads will tell you that a $100 credit has been applied to your account and then they will charge your bank account for the clicks.
    Then, the Google ads representative that you are talking to will disappear. they literally told me that they do not even know who he is even though I have emails from him (Ronald) email directly from Google ads.
    They stole over $57 from me and told me it was their own human error but will not refund the $57.
    they have a gang in Indonesia that will be answering the phone, using spin and confusion tactics against you. They will take your cash illegally and admit it and still not give your cash back but instead they will offer $100 credit even though they know you do not want to do business with thieves. They are the worst business I have ever heard of in my entire life.
    If you are already doing business with them, I advise you to check your bank account thoroughly, search and read about their fraudulent clicks that cost you. I was hit with fraudulent clicks and complained and was told I would not be paying anything because of $100 credit, and what do you know, they charged me anyways. They stole from me and my family.
    they literally seemed to have a desire to destroy small business.
    I'm saying this based off of my experience with them.

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