Should You Worry About Negative SEO in 2018?

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Original Question by I’m a Koala:
“Hey Chase, got a question 🙂
I own a gardening company and I’ve noticed that people in the top search results get backlinks from sites that sell back links. I would like to provide the link of one of those sites cuz it’s hard to explain exactly but then my comment will probably get flagged. So anyway, my question is: Are all those sites that appear in the top search results in danger for getting backlinks from those sites? Cuz let’s say a site that sells backlinks gets flagged by google and marked as a spammy site, then the company that had a link on that site won’t get flagged right? They would just lose 1 out of the 50 backlinks. I hope you understand my question and can answer it 🙂

Looking forward to hearing from you.”

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