SEO Mythbusting 101

In this first – introductory – episode of SEO Mythbusting, Martin Splitt (WebMaster Trends Analyst, Google) and his guest Juan Herrera (Angular GDE, Wed Developer at Parkside) discuss the very basics of SEO such as:
What is a search engine? (0:57)
What is crawling? (1:32)
How does Google determine which search results are relevant for which users? (2:51)
What are the top 3 things I should do to make my website discoverable? (3:17)
Why is it important for a website to appear in the top search results? (7:52)

In the future episodes of SEO Mythbusting, look forward to more advanced topics such as SEO & Googlebot, SEO & JavaScript, SEO & Web Performance, SEO & Web Frameworks, and SEO & Future of the Web.

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48 thoughts on “SEO Mythbusting 101”

  1. Hey Martin and Juan. Thanks for sharing this episode. What you've mentioned in this episode, I've added into an On-page SEO guide on my blog.
    1. Is from the web development requirements.
    2. Is in regards to content. But more importantly, content themes and angles that will serve the user. (Demonstrating value to the web visitor – )

    I'm looking forward to watching your future videos.


  2. Martin – I use wordpress. Are there any wordpress plugins that handle hybrid or dynamic rendering? I am new to this rendering stuff? Is it the same as lazy loading?

  3. What is the point of this video and who is the target audience? These questions are asked by people who do not care about SEO at IT party just not to stand alone in silece. People who are actually working on SEO need very different set of questions. So again, what is the point of this video?

  4. In one word I 'll say "Vanilla", I think I give more information about Search Engine Rankings and Optimization in the first minute of my first call to prospects.
    I think this is meant for the end user and so I shall use it for my prospects, thanks for putting it together though.

  5. More so a 101 vs. mythbusting… I do like that you interviewed a dev because so many devs don't get it outside of just keywords, copy and speed. Thank you for turning the table on him… "So you're a web developer… you make stuff on the web right? Do you want PEOPLE to use what YOU made?". BOOM! Good point.

  6. No 1 priority is content…😏 so that Big G can grab your hardwork and show it on their serp results to make sure user don't click on your site…

    well done G…. 👏👏👏

  7. Could we get more dislikes on this amatuer video "den we have grabbed this page and you go like blah, and then fake actor guy smiles and looks engaged and ice cream blah blah exploring brand ice cream blah" can google give seo's thier due for thier contribution to a more relevant search engine."More icecream fantastic! the guest interviews the other guest who asks the questions blah! -1 out of ten

  8. Seems pretty easy. But it's not. Machine will take long time to understand which content offers more value to user. Till then useless link building, directory submissions and local listing has to be done.

    In fact host created myth that your content ranks well if you provides information, add value to user for his/her purpose.


  9. Hi, as say the meta description is a second priority for seo rank. But we knew that meta description Doesn't effect on seo rank. What strange!! Google change something.

    Meta description is really effect on SEO rank???

  10. Good video if you're just getting started with SEO. However, I've been doing SEO for years, so nothing new here for me. I'm hoping that this series delves much deeper over time and actually "busts myths" and maybe even teaches me something I didn't already know. Looking forward to seeing more from this channel.

  11. I hate this content Thing, these guys are giving this like a lollypop to a kid, I see People in My Niche Ranking for Little or Some time with no content. then how Exactly they are saying this. I personally think that they are trying to manipulate us by giving this lollypop to us.
    My competitor is writing articles of 200-300 words and i,m writing more than 1k words and also adding the thing that my competitor is missing, and still, he is on no1 position and i,m not even on the first page. then how exactly we can say this all because of content?

  12. Hi , good to see that there is a video series on SEO , but if i am not wrong , google do not consider either Meta Tag nor Meta description for ranking the website , yes meta description is useful for increasing the CTR , which in turn helps in SEO ranking

  13. How are you guys busting myths in this video?
    I guess the only answer that Google has for everything is "Quality content" when it's obviously not.

    We see a lot of sites ranking with dark things on top of your search engines which surely don't have quality content. #Links

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