RING IN THE NEW YEAR!! (Q&A) / You asked me a bunch of questions on Instagram and I’m opening up about things I’ve never talked about to give you my honest answers. From how much I’ve spent on coaches and mentors to my thoughts on babies and business to finding my fiancé to the truth behind getting comfortable on camera – no topic is off limits, and we’re about to get to know each other a lot better!


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31 thoughts on “RING IN THE NEW YEAR!! (Q&A)”

  1. Gosh, I love you Sunny!!! Thank you for sharing! One of my goals (prayers) for 2020 is to find a best friend like you!! Seriously though! 💕😄You are so motivating, encouraging, real, fun and its just SO inspiring!

  2. Insightful, and a warm thank you here. I rediscovered The Four Agreements through you a while back and progress is being made, gradually, but progress nonetheless. Many thanks Sunny 😎!

  3. I found this video in a time when I have been going thru such an identity crisis. A time of trying to figure out my happiness and what that is. Im telling you thank you. As tears flow down my face I am ready to move forward and find myself. My tragedies and negativity have defined me for so long unintentionally. Im ready to take life and change the narrative of my story. For me! Thank you so much you have no idea

  4. Sunny, I've had the life juggling family thing for the last 25 years. It's easy and hard at the same time. Family does come first but money does pay the bills. My lovely wife was a stay home mom for 15 years as she supported me on my self employed endeavors. Truth is, I could have gone a different way with my photography teaching career and chose my family instead. I love my creative job but the family I Created is way more important.
    On another note…I want to capture your wedding! I've followed you for years and I couldn't think of a better way to repay you for your constant knowledge than to give you photography from the heart. Elizabeth and I have been married for 20 years and every job I have is a reminder of how important the BIG DAY is to all people involved. I'm sure you already have your wedding photographer selected but my gift to you and your fiance is available if interested. 🙂


  5. There is so much pressure that people who get married should have kids right away. IMO that makes the divorce rate higher. I think couples should be married for a while until kids. Congrats! Having someone who is always in your corner is the best. Where will be your honeymoon? 😄

  6. Hey, SUNNY!
    I know my question has nothing to do with this video. Can make another playlist on your YOUTUBE HOMEPAGE of your INTERVIEWS that you have with people that has taking your course. YOU KNOW…the one with the two way (side by side screens). I'm tried of looking for them though all the video's. This would be very helpful! thanks. Love your Channel

  7. HALLELUJAAAA THANK YPU FOR REPLY ON CHILDREN!!! It's a personal chouce n you make what ever choice you make work for you!
    THANK YOU @SUNNYLENARDUZZI For making those who have chosen not to have feel totally accepted too…in a world where that is not a given….

  8. Sunny I’m really happy that you said that you’re not a mom and you can’t really answer that first question. There’s honestly nothing worst then hearing people talk about business and babies when they don’t have kids and have absolutely no idea how challenging it actually is. I love your channel and your program. Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with us.

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