Photoshop Top 40 #28 – Hue/ Saturation

Hue/Saturation not only spins colors and intensity values, it lets you modify one color independently of all others. And it does so in such a credible way, you would never know it was there. Perfection.

America likes its lists, and here’s another one. Imaging expert and award-winning author Deke McClelland presents his list of the top 40 features in Photoshop—beginning with #40 and working his way up to #1—one weekly video at a time. Some are tools, others are commands, still others are conceptual. All are invaluable. Learn these 40 features and you’ll know Photoshop.


16 thoughts on “Photoshop Top 40 #28 – Hue/ Saturation”

  1. This was a great tutorial to show how to use this tool. However, just from an artistic point of view, when you changed the color of the sweater (to change the contrast between it and the background) you actually created even more similarity in tone between the sweater and her face. So from a contrast point of view, I think the original was still better, but again, this was just a tutorial to show how things work, and I learned a lot.

  2. @CT2507 You're embarrassing yourself so nicely that I really think you don't need more help, but… ok.

    If you don't like my opinion, well, f*ck you, anyway that was not for you.

    Can you do it better than the uploader? How about uploading a video demonstrating how to do it properly?

    Untill then you're not more than a keyboard warrior (And not a very smart one) the best you could do is try to get your mouth up in your ass.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. @CT2507 Relax dude, he's not killing your family…

    I like the modification and love the tutorial, thank you for this videos, really useful; it's hard to find GOOD tutorials inside the whole "not-so-good" bunch of photoshop tutorials, so is always to pleasure to find this kind of videos series.

  4. stupid corrections. her green blouse comes no where near the foliage in the background. are u blind!? its radiant!

    and u DO want the green reflection in her hair for realism. thats how light works in a living environment. and thats how u know she really is holding that umbrella outside in the open. light goes through her umbrella, casts a reflection… as light always colors our surroundings!

    why do u design people want to make everything look so unnatural, unhealthy and made of plastic!?

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