InDesign: Formatting an entire document of text with one click |

This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter twenty-one of the InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts course presented by author Michael Ninness. Watch more at

The complete course has a total duration of 6 hours and 28 minutes. InDesign CS4 Power Shortcuts table of contents:

1. The Top 20
2. General Shortcuts
3. Document Window Shortcuts
4. Page Navigation Shortcuts
5. Pan and Zoom Shortcuts
6. Panel Management Shortcuts
7. Tool Shortcuts
8. Place Shortcuts
9. Selection Shortcuts
10. Transformation Shortcuts
11. Paste and Duplicate Shortcuts
12. Pages Panel Shortcuts
13. Master Page Shortcuts
14. Layers Panel Shortcuts
15. Color Panel and Swatches Panel Shortcuts
16. Links Panel Shortcuts
17. Text Frame Shortcuts
18. Text Selection and Navigation Shortcuts
19. Character Formatting Shortcuts
20. Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
21. Style Shortcuts
22. Rulers and Guides Shortcuts
23. Easter Eggs


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