How to Use Testimonials to Increase Conversions (Gain Social Proof)

Social proof is a great way to increase your conversions.
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Examples of social proof include case studies and testimonials. A great way to use them to integrate them into your website.

For example, if you have been featured on “CNN” you can put “featured on CNN”.

But doing so typically won’t boost your conversions by much. To get more sales you have to integrate social proof throughout your website.

If someone is thinking about buying your product because it will help them get stronger, by showing them testimonials of other people who got stronger from your product you are more likely to make the sale.

Same with case studies, it has to be related to the page they are on, versus just saying “check out all of my case studies”.

You can also do similar things with reviews. Just look at any Amazon product page… you will see reviews from users. This helps boost conversions.

Now when using social proof, make sure you are super thorough. One line quotes won’t help much. People want to read the details. Also, include the person’s full name as well as their photo.


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