How Do You Know If You're On The Right Path

HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOU’RE ON THE RIGHT PATH / So, how do you know if you’re on the right path? If the actions you’re taking are actually going to pay off? If all of your hard work is worth it? There are tell tale signs, and I can say that because I remember feeling sooooo lost a few years ago when I started my business and not knowing if anything I was doing was going to lead me anywhere.

Hindsight is 2020, and I can clearly see the signs at this point of how I knew I was on the right path in my business and in my life. So, if you’re looking for a sign, today’s episode is it!




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44 thoughts on “How Do You Know If You're On The Right Path”

  1. Thanks for sharing this very insightful Video, Investing for beginners could be quite stressful, I was lucky to meet a trade professional AlysiaBaker who guided me and after a few months of crypto-investments i amassed a profit of $300,000 off my $20,000 capital. i am so excited because although my fiance thought i was going crazy because of how focused i was on my transitioning, he's solidly beside me because my 6figure profit sure speaks for itself!

  2. This definitely hits home for me. Currently on a scroll hole cos I am stuck with my online store . The scroll hole led me to this video which is quite motivating to get back to where I need to be.

  3. Thank you for this video! I needed to hear this today. I just journaled that I feel in alignment and in flow, but doubt is trying to creep in. I’m glad to know I’m on the right path.

  4. Energy is the issue. I love making the Podcast and I get views and plays every day. After 50 – 60 hrs of dayjob, I generally don't have much left for another 20 – 30 hrs on the side stuff.

  5. I was feeling terrible about my indecision in a major area of life, and I needed to hear you say: if you have doubts about, it probably isn't right for you. Thank you! I know I need to walk away from what I wasn't confident and excited about doing.

  6. How do I know that I'm on the right path?🙄🤔😁 Easy! I am so inspired and motivated to take as much action as I can from every video you share with us, Sunny!

    And then get as much accomplished as possible before your next video comes out so I'm ready to learn and take action again on that next one!

    You are hands down my favourite online business mentor here on YouTube.

    Thank-you Sunny! Big BIG HUGS!🤗💖

  7. Needed this today! I've been feeling great over the past few weeks & for the most part I still feel great but today has been a bit of a blah day. I'm editing vids for my social accounts & working on new ideas for art but it's just one of those days in which I feel unmotivated & slightly unsure but you're vid is just what I needed it's very helpful, thank you ✌

  8. Awesome, this video definitely confirms that the recent changes I’ve made in my business are the right way to go. I’m definitely feeling like I’m on the right track! Happy New Year Sunny!!!

  9. I really hope this helps people it looks like it is but personally it doesnt resignate with me but i hope others do i usually love her content and i do love the genuine sincerity she brings but when some of us have disorders or diseases that legit make you tired because your body is in a constant battle trying to function is a different thing and I wanted to just comment to others like me that you need to distinguish the difference of emotional and physical due to illness and if it is physically trying to diminish it as much as possible by making healthy decisions and awareness

  10. My question is this: My plan for 2020 is to start my TV channel on Realestate in the area in which I work. Teaching people and interviewing people in the industry that educate my followers. The main idea is to do it in Spanish which is my primary language, but as I work with my son, I also know that with him I can focus on my part to my generation in Spanish and part of it to his generation in English. For this, should I have two channels or One is Ok? Can I make a video in Spanish with me and another in English with Him? This confuses the customers? Thank you

  11. I LOVE all of these so much! What a great way to pin down something that honestly has always felt kind of elusive to me lol! I'm usually a happy lurker where I soak up your videos but never make time to comment, but I had to stop and take the time for this video – thank you!

  12. I felt all of these in my spirit. I went on a spiritual journey last month spending a month in Africa (videos coming soon) and I've felt more peaceful since then than I've felt in FOREVER. All of these I have been implementing since then and I feel great- letting me know that I am definitely on the right track with my writing and wellness ventures! I take this video as a sign of confirmation <3

  13. Watch out for that scroll hole!! Totally going to be a phrase flying around our house from now on. 😁😁 Also listening to our cheerleaders… definitely can allow us to get into that positive mindset of abundance!! Awesome vid!! Thank you Sunny!!❤❤❤

  14. Something to add to that is when your sick and your ill, if you're still excited like I am about my channel to get up and do a video, then you're on the right track. when you're sick life kinda sucks, but I'm still looking forward to making a video, posting it and having that be there to help people with their health and well-being.

    So for me I would say the biggest factor is when you're sick, if you're still motivated to do what makes you happy then you know you're for sure on the right track.

  15. A really lovely vid thanks Sunny.The excitement to get up is a big one.I am now excited to get up and work on free channel promos for people it's a good feeling.Thanks for your ongoing support.James The Middle class wrapper

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