Google Ads Tutorials: Smart Bidding best practices

Smart Bidding combines an exclusive set of signals to set real-time bids for each and every auction. Learn how to choose a bidding strategy and optimize your campaigns with Smart Bidding.

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9 thoughts on “Google Ads Tutorials: Smart Bidding best practices”

  1. Dear Google, its bad enough we get harassed with ads in the middle of important stuff, but then you want to ask not one but several questions after deleting the ad. most business , like child sex trafficking bolstered by the net, are extremely rich today but never have I ever encountered so much stupidity in my life.

  2. Hey Team, Nice video I want to understand better how data-driven attribution helps smart shopping campaigns. Or the benefits of data-driven attribution and how it works if the specific video is available then make sense.

    Thanks In Advance,
    Bhavy Shah

  3. Hello is there anyway I can promote my videos besides using google ads, Google suspended my account,and I cant promote my content,can anyone help me out with this, I would appreciate it so much🙏

  4. Ваш сука ебучий алгоритм рекламы нихуя не работает.мне всякую дичь рекламируют КОТОРАЯ МНЕ НАХУЙ НЕ НУЖНА.ДАЙ МНЕ БЛЯТЬ БОГ СИЛЫ ЧТОБЫ НАЙТИ И УБИТЬ НАХУЙ УЕБКА КОТОРЫЙ ПРИДУМАЛ ЭТО ВСЕ

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