Academy on Air: Integrating YouTube into your performance strategy

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Video is often seen as a brand marketing solution, but recent upgrades mean that it’s now much more than that. YouTube for Action is a powerful marketing solution, capable of driving both leads and conversions. Join us to get up to speed on new the targeting options, ad formats, measurement improvements and automation capabilities of YouTube for Action.

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6 thoughts on “Academy on Air: Integrating YouTube into your performance strategy”

  1. I tried the YouTube trueview for action, but it didn't work until I added the keywords into the YouTube video keyword section (as opposed to just creating the custom intent audience with search keywords). Ad got good interaction rates but I'm just not sure yet the value. The clickthroughs from the ad to my landing page weren't great.

  2. Google Ads if you see this please response. I have one problem at google ads making campaign (youtube video) I make campaign for youtube many times many, and it was always OK, Last 7 days I can not make campaign (It is green , status ok) but campaign is dead "bid simulator is unavailable" , I trying to find answer on that question what is problem last 7 days and I am desperate, if you see this please response down in comment what I need to do please.

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