How to Set Yourself Up for Success on AdWords

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Join us for a live event on Wednesday March 20th at 9am PST / 11am ET / 4pm GMT with Top Contributor Jack Porter Smith.
If you’re a business owner or manager who is considering getting started with AdWords, tune in to this HOA to discover the five top tips to setting yourself up for success with AdWords. Please RSVP to this event to receive a reminder email before the event.
Tune into the live broadcast below – and make sure to post any questions before or during the event for Jack!


9 thoughts on “How to Set Yourself Up for Success on AdWords”

  1. You might want to create a list of topics talked and the timing each topic starts so for us (users) it is easy to move into the topic we might want to listen more than others. cheers.

  2. Thanks this was a great talk. What would you suggest be the best way to do reporting back to clients on their monthly AdWords campaigns. As I am finding they don't understand the complex reporting supplied in the system or on Analytics, it seems to scare them off or I spend more time trying to explain it to them.

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