How to Cloak Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Site

Do you want to cloak affiliate links on your WordPress site? Not sure what does link cloak means? In this video, we will show you how to cloak affiliate links on your WordPress site.

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Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this Tutorial:

link cloaking allows you to make a link appear different when pointing to an affiliate.

There are a few plugins you can use for this.

First is ThirstyAffiliates and it’s what we use on WPBeginner.

You can add your affiliate link with a button, you can also add keywords and if those keywords are on the site, then ThirstyAffiliate will create a link from that automatically so you don’t have to always remember to do that yourself.

The next plugin is pretty link lite which lets you manage your affiliate links on your site. they also give you analytics for your links.

Third is easy affiliate links which lets you add and manage links from a single dashboard.

WP Wizard cloak is another one you can use. it provides url shortening and link cloaking.

Then there is links auto replacer, with this, you add the words and the link to use if those words are found on your site.

WooCommerce cloak affiliate links is for the ecommerce sites and build on WooCommerce platform.

And lastly we have affiliate link manager which cloaks links based on a keyword.

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