Get performance overviews in the new AdWords experience

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Learn how to get performance overviews in the new AdWords experience so you can get back to managing your campaigns.

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13 thoughts on “Get performance overviews in the new AdWords experience”

  1. I think this is about my fourth Adwords shedding of skin to a new look interface. But then again, I have been doing PPC since 2003. However, one thing has remained constant for all this period, the utter rubbish that comes out of the keyword planning tool when it comes to suggested bids. In 14 years this has not changed and is a crap today as it was 14 years ago. Do you have any idea how much we rely on this data when planning campaigns? Oh, look Google are saying the suggest bid for this term is 75p, oh look I have set my campaign live and Google are now saying to get on the first page I need to bid £15. Why don’t you leave the interface alone rather than just polishing the edges and put some serious effort into a better keyword tool. A constant, annoying joke for 14yrs and counting.

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