26 thoughts on “Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues”

  1. So the new Search Console does not have the facility which the old version had!

    It was a simple matter there to specify the exact version of the page, sitewide which you wanted indexed!

    That appears now to be gone. I have 301 redirects and canonicals operating to ensure that result, but google still will not correctly index the pages!


  2. keep in mind that, that translates to, you could be getting technically "penalized", not by google, rather by something not showing up for many users because they don't know that.

    For instance, site A is supposed to show but site B does, so user just searches something else or leave because site B isn't what they wanted and they don't know there's a site A.

  3. REMEMBER: All of these "solutions" require that the end user not only knows, but also applies the correct usage of Google and search engines in general.

    I find an overwhelming majority haven't a clue how to fine-tune and really use Search Engines they just type & hit search. Either that or time is a constraint as it is with most people.

    Therefore there is no "one fix" which works for all in all instances. If most don't use an engine correctly, most may not see something you intend them to.

  4. I'm pretty confused where is the limit of content duplication 'today'. I personally try to avoid duplicate content, however I see some big company still using this and honestly it's working 🙁
    freessl com and rapidssl com is different on the main page, however if you open another page it's exactly same. Both ranked in Google and seems no penalty…

  5. google ranking does not work like they claim, it designed to force people to pay for advertising, and they are alway indirect when you ask for what allowed and what not , they wont be direct and tell you

  6. Google should not force us to implement all kinds of workarounds and limitations to our websites. Instead they should come up with a better solution.

    Right now I need to have two different domain names pointing to the same website. (a business agreement between two companies to share content, but with different branding) But I just learned the I cannot use the canonical attribute across domains, so I'm screwed again.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this?

  7. Wow. This was waay above me but quite interesting Greg. Well Spoken and I enjoyed the annotation about you at 0.22 I am a Geek. I understood your speech perfectly. I had been searching if it was bad to post the same video to more than one youtube channel… any thoughts on that? Have a great Day.

  8. Greg, you are a smart guy, but you speak too fast. You swallow ending of words, etc, which makes understanding your speech more difficult than necessary and takes the joy out of listening to you. Getting information is important, but enjoying the process is also important.

  9. I have a question about. In one website I use WordPress 3.1.1 with its SEO package. In WordPress I can sselect one of the pages to appear as index (website/index.php for is. Neverthelss, I can also call the page with it's original link (i.e. website/page-name.html). In this case what can I do? Do I will be penalized by google?

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