AJAX SEO Crawlable JavaScript Driven Content For Search Engine Indexing Google

Learn to better index your JavaScript Ajax driven content on your web site in all of the major search engines by using HTML Snapshots. Yahoo and Bing are adopting Google’s method for indexing Ajax driven web content.


9 thoughts on “AJAX SEO Crawlable JavaScript Driven Content For Search Engine Indexing Google”

  1. Great video! Sometimes, making HTML snapshots can be tricky so you be may interested by a service that does it automatically for you. Go to seo4ajax.com for more information about it!

  2. Hi Adam your videos are amazing! Do you know how to create a "Google-like" search engine in PHP that can search within a directory of files a for a user entered string within PDF or WORD docs and return links to the internal content?

  3. This is off topic. My recommendation is use a PHP library to generate a Captcha picture which will generate a hash saved to a session variable which you will take the input from your form, run it through the same hash algorithm and compare. Look around online, I'm sure you can find it somewhere so that you don't have to ask in the comments section of a video on a completely different topic.

  4. This is not part of this subject but is part of the webpage. I have a hard time dealing with forms and spammers.

    Which is the better way to go when creating a form(html, javascript, php, flash ) nothing is full proof but which is the most difficult languaged to spam or what ever so i'm not getting 100's of spam in my mail box

    Thanks to anyone that comments on a solution for this.

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