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  1. hola Julia lopez Cardona para que me gustaría saber que me lo dices por favor que no me lo dices por favor de este año me gusta mucho el resto del mundo para poder de este año no es necesario que no me gusta mucho el tema contigo sobre todo que están haciendo en busca de virus y medio de este mensaje

  2. Every update makes Linked In worse, I am never buying premium again as they keep removing features, and what is up with the design? Since when did different shades of blue go together? Used to be a great product, now I am moving all my contacts to an external database software system…

  3. Not very inspired change. I don't spend much time on linked in, but I take a look from time to time. So my activity bar is a huge empty box with one small event that says i liked someone's comment. Also, in the past, you could see everything by scrolling. Now I saw that you have to click a looot of times if you want to see anything. Until the next time I will be looking for a job I will probably skip my few visits.

  4. What is the name of the grey blocks that appear at the start? They appear when the site first loads. They seem to structure the page before the real elements are loaded into place such as profile image and the news stories.

  5. Linkedin is finally totally brocken. They have removed the function to sort your newsfeed chronologically so most of my network's updates are lost forever unless their update gets a ton of clicks and attention because its a "trending" topic. Completetly and utterly useless. Then theres the rearrangement of all the content I have spent days and weeks to add to my profile to make for a clear cut CV, that is all hidden now and I can no longer sort or define the order in which i want to present myself. And we still get asked if we want 3 apps on our phone to do all the functions one website covers. If ever there was a case for working harder on my own website, this would be it. Linkedin is loosing ground to other social media that is far more to the point and not ruined by functions no one ever asked for.

  6. Great. I just posted a long response to an article. I hit more and only got a few more words. I deleted the comment and tried again. Once more the comment was cut off. It seems I can't expand comments. I can expand other people's comments on older articles from 2 weeks ago just fine. The comment is there but you have to go back to your activity feed to see it in full. I really have to stop wasting any more time on LinkedIn until or unless this new interface is fixed.

  7. Un nouvel IHM est toujours source de discussions…Personnellement cela reste un outil avec un nouvel interface…le plus important sera la Stratégie commerciale, la politique tarifaire et surtout les fonctionnalités qui resteront accessibles sans le premium 🙂

  8. the edit button spontaneously dissapears once in a while after pressing the pen button. The thumbnails are worse than ever sometimes even Left blank despite the preview image being fine, and slide share is no longer automatic!

  9. Much better than old "Design" but the new design still looks like it was made in 2012. Nothing cool, nothing interesting, nothing innovative. P.S. Tell to your designers to not exaggerate with shadows.

  10. @linkedin

    Love you product, really dislike your notifications…. espc. on mobile. Why am i stuck with old & most of the times useless notifications…. why cant i dismiss or delete them. I am forced to take an action on them before they go away….. SUPER ANNOYING!.

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