Lesson 6. Not Provided Keywords

In this lesson, you’ll find a few ways to hack the ‘not provided’ keywords in Google Analytics.
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If you’re new to the SEO game, or just a few years in it, you’ve never experienced the glorious wonderment of opening Google Analytics and seeing exactly which keywords users typed in to find your website.

In the early days, Google Analytics would show the specific search terms that users entered into the search engine that then led them to your site. You’d even see how many times each term was searched. Almost 10 years ago, Google decided to protect users’ privacy and stop showing the terms they searched for.

The world didn’t end, and we’re all still here – just with a bit less data.

To solve the riddle, look at organic traffic at a page level. Click into your organic traffic and then see which pages are getting the most traffic – if you know which pages are getting the most organic visits, you know which concepts are showing up the most often.

Now that Google search is entity based, you don’t have to worry so much about the particular keywords – if you know the concepts that are ranking well, you can figure out the ways that customers are searching for that content.

SEMrush also has a killer tool to help figure out which terms are bringing you the most traffic – the Organic Traffic Insights tool. Tools are awesome and will save you tons of time, but you’ll be a better marketer if you understand how to do things yourself. Too much reliance on tools can be a bad thing.

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