Influencers, content and content promotion with Andy Crestodina & Michael B Brenner

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For slides, transcript and extras:

01:00 Search vs Social, Andy starts mini-presentation
3:19 Using SEMrush to find the ranking of … cheese sauce
6:17 Are we overvaluing Social Signals?
7:15 Social Shares have no value!
9:17 What is the value of Kim Kardashian talking about L’Oreal on Instagram
16:20 Is it easy to work with “professional influencer”?
22:41 Most brands are seeing a decline in social engagements
23:00 Folks on the bottom of the list wanted to contribute… The folks on the top all wanted to get paid
25:42 How to make Influencer interested in cooperation
29:05 What are the expectations of Influencer’s collaboration?
31:10 If you share our article let us know and we will amplify
36:19 Social Media as for building soft brand power, Difference between sharing and creating
37:40 If you only give me a dollar to spend on market something “I would spend it …” – Michael
43:04 Is there anything that worries you about Influencer marketing?

How can influencer help create and promote a piece of content? Which formats for content are ideal for collaboration? From simple blog posts to big events, from pixels to podcasts, Michael and Andy will discuss how to get more from content through collaboration.


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