How to structure a full flash actionscript 3 web site tutorial CS3 + CS4 – Part 1

Part 1 – Learn how to structure your Flash AS3 full website. Learn how to place other flash files into yours. Learn better organization for your Flash menu systems and Flash page structure. Complete with preloader load bar and text to allow you to place lots of images or whatever you want into the file and give your site visitors an indication of your sites load progress.


21 thoughts on “How to structure a full flash actionscript 3 web site tutorial CS3 + CS4 – Part 1”

  1. also any chance you could do a video on the google maps inside a page such as about us page, and placing onto website working, as that api thing does work in flash mode without any problems so I know the code I wrote is correct, I have got the key, but it doesn't work when I upload it to my website, and there are some good videos out there, but I haven't found any that show what your supposed to do to make it all work on a website within a page, many thanks Jules

  2. hi adam, I just want to stop by not something I normally do, but I figured considering you have helped me a lot with your tutorials its the least I can do, and I find your tutorials extremely useful and helpful as im sure others do too, I own my own site plus another 3/4 websites which are more ecommerce sites, mainly for friends, although ive decided to make the full thing myself,of html, xml, as3, and python. can I ask what programs would you recommend for web design

  3. thank you…so much sir…i have looked for weeks online for tutorials on how site structure works, but everyone explained shit to fast, or to slow. but you did it just right<3 and for that i subscribe.

  4. Nice tutorial Adam. What would be interesting to see is someone actually do one all in AS3, nothing on the layers(except the AS3 code that is) or stage. I have yet to see anything like that… 🙂

  5. Adam,

    Again, Thanks for a clear concise basic tutorial that shows all the steps clearly and is easy to understand. I visit your web page and you tube account everyday and have learned a lot from you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


  6. @aDistortedMind, if you created a true functional loader (not a dummy), your content ought to be heavy enough to actually require some loading time. If that's the case, hit cmd+return twice which will force the viewer to simulate real waiting time based on the specs. You will find the same command on Main Menu View> Simulate Downlaod.. I hope this helped.

  7. I stumbled on this video when I was looking for a cleaner way to structure flash websites. I was thinking of using document class, what benefits do you see from using document class over just variables and functions on the timeline?

  8. Does anybody know how to add the buy now script for paypal into flash?? The button allows you to choose options and is already programmed but I don't know how to introduce or bring it into flash. Can Anyone Help??

  9. I don't think Rosa is criticizing the teaching style as much as what is being taught. Putting code onto your time line instead of organizing it into classes and packages can get very confusing and messy. This type of tutorial is useless for developers who intend to compete in an industry that is moving towards OOP and away from procedural programming.

  10. rosaPokemon – Don't disapprove others teaching methods.
    If you don't like the way Adam is teaching, that's your problem. I would go to say from everyone who has successfully completed Adam's tutorials like he uses a very easy and effective style of teaching flash.
    – Corza

  11. nice tutorial, but how do i code my OWN buttons? it seems as though the only to get the coding is to download the buttons off of developphp… but how do i code my own???

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