How to Reset Passwords for All Users in WordPress

For security of your site it is sometimes required to force a reset of passwords for all of your users. This could be due to being previously hacked or if you decide that you need to do housecleaning on old passwords your users are still using. In this article we will show you how to reset the password for all users in WordPress.

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Summary of this tutorial:

In this article we will be recommending the plugin Emergency Password Reset which can be found here:

Emergency Password Reset

First you would want to install and activate the Emergency Password Reset plugin using plugins, add new.

This will add a new section to your admin where you can go under Users, Emergency Password Reset and click on the Reset all passwords button.

This will automatically reset the password for all users including yourself and email you a new password.

If the user does not get their password in the email then they can easily recover it using the Lost your password link in the login page.


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    Actually I know to make website but this is the problem that I can't find.
    If there is any plugin which show result of students. Plz let me know ty.
    And plz also tell that plugin will work on every education theme or not.

  2. Dear Sir/Ma'am,

    I am sorry, but i need your help. i have been bothering you guys. This time i have done Big mistake….

    I'm having trouble logging in to my wordpress account.
    I enabled the authentication of two steps, however, i have my contact number and i am getting message on the window that, they have sent me text sms, but i am not getting any sms. i have tried that many time. and I'm not getting more access the blog. And to make matters worse I lost my backup codes. I don't know… what to do now…. Please help me out…..
    Deeepak singh

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