How to Build a Foolproof Data Science Team | And What Skills Are Needed

Data engineers, Data Scientists, BI specialists, Data analysts.

What do they do?

Which skills do they have?

How do they fit together within a productive team?

Your answer might be: “but the company I work for does not have data yet or it has it but it’s a total mess”.

Sounds familiar?

Then this video is for you!

We are going to break down these questions by highlighting which roles a company should develop first according to the maturity of their data capabilities.

Also, we’re going to provide you with further sources to deepen your knowledge on these roles that are – more than ever-rising in importance in companies of all kinds.

Whether it’s a short course for decision-makers, new hires, or to upskill your data team, think about yourself or your company’s needs and the level that you need.

Leave your comments/suggestions below, and see you next time!


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8 thoughts on “How to Build a Foolproof Data Science Team | And What Skills Are Needed”

  1. Another great informative video Bernardo! All companies need to start taking proactive measures to future-proof their workforce. This can start with planting the seeds of a solid data team!

  2. You're pretty much one of my favourite marketing companies out there at least in terms of content and I've said it multiple times!

    However I must confess, I got a little bit turned off by the fact that you focus so much in "having a degree in X" (or at least you make it to look so) in your hiring process more than just "show us what you've built / worked in", or even better, "giving the case X, how would you solve / grow this" or "what would you do to Y client" kind of approach, SPECIALLY being a marketing / entrepreneurial'ish company.

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