How to Become a New York Times Best Selling Author | 3 Tips to Write and Publish Your Book

So you want to write a book and become a New York Times bestselling author? Here are the 3 best tips I have for you if you’re going to publish a book.

Do you want to be an Amazon Best Seller? Well, everyone’s an Amazon Best Seller.

They have thousands of categories.

Today, I’m going to teach you guys how to write a book and become a New York Times best-selling author.

Some of you know this about me, and some of you don’t, but I co-authored a book called Hustle.

We hit the New York Times Best Seller list not once, but three times in a row.

If I can do it, and I have terrible grammar and writing; that means you too can do it as well.

Here’s how to write a book and market it.

#1: You have to sell a TON of copies in the first week

If you sell a lot of copies in the first week, you’re more likely to hit the New York Times Best Seller list.

But you know what? Selling a lot of books all at once is hard. But here’s the thing that they don’t tell you. If you sell books a year in advance, all of those book sales count for your first week. If you sell a lot of books, it all counts to your first week.

So pre-sell as many books as you can. Don’t just sell them online; you have to sell them in bookstores like Barnes & Nobles, you have to sell them on Amazon, you have to sell them to corporations.

The next thing that they don’t tell you is it’s all discretionary. If they want you to be on the Best Seller list, you will; and if they don’t, even if you sell a lot of copies, you won’t.

So make sure you have a good publisher.

#2: Create a ton of press.

If people see a lot of press with the book sales, it’s much more believable. If they don’t, it’s not as credible. Here’s the thing that they don’t tell you, and here’s how I hit the New York Times Best Seller list. It’s two things that I did. You need a lot of corporate book sales. I don’t care if you’re selling to consumers or businesses, you need a lot of book sales.

The easiest way to get that is from other businesses or conferences, assuming you’re a paid speaker. If you can get them to buy in bulk, you’re much more likely to hit.

The reason Hustle hit isn’t because I have a big social media following.

It’s because I hit up a lot of big businesses and I traded services. I said, “Hey, I will do your marketing “in exchange for you to buy $100,000 worth of books.” I did that five times. That means I pre-sold $500,000 worth of books to companies by doing a trade of services. You guys have heard of the name Gary Vaynerchuk? Well, who hasn’t? Do you know how he hits the New York Times Best Seller list a lot of the times?

When he goes to conferences and speaks, he’s getting them to buy books. Before he has a new book that’s coming out, a lot of these conferences are buying his book, and that helps him hit the New York Times Best Seller list.

#3: We use a company called Result Source. What I didn’t know is you can also do this by just hitting up Barnes & Nobles, and all the major book suppliers.

What they do is they take all your pre-sell money, and they take that money, and they distribute it to Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon, and a lot of random places; so it seems legitimate and, quote-unquote, natural.

So the New York Times believes it’s all natural, and then you hit the list, and you can hit it multiple weeks in a row.

What these companies do is, they don’t just release the books all at once, because York Times is catching on. They release it over a period of a few weeks because you can hit the weekly list and the monthly list.

If you want to hit the list, don’t have all your book sales ran right away.

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