Dynamic Rendering for JavaScript web apps – JavaScript SEO

In this video of the JavaScript SEO series, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt shares how to implement dynamic rendering for your JavaScript web app. With dynamic rendering you can switch between client side rendered content and pre-rendered content.

Learn more about dynamic rendering → https://bit.ly/2Xoh8BN
Get started with Rendertron → https://bit.ly/2TCZU60
Read about dynamic rendering with Rendertron → https://bit.ly/2Xfqe3q

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18 thoughts on “Dynamic Rendering for JavaScript web apps – JavaScript SEO”

  1. More Videos on Javascript SEO please 🙂 ==> "switching to server-side rendering might be a little too mutch on our plates right now" ==> may you explain that ?

  2. Thanks much Martin, love your videos! They are easily digestible and offer valuable info.

    I enjoyed your lecture in Novi Sad (DaFEd) as well and I hope you will talk more about isomorphic applications and server-side vs. client-side rendering.

    Keep up the good work!

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