Create multiple ad groups and ads in Google Ads

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Learn how to create multiple ad groups and ads in Google Ads.

Learn more about creating a new ad group by visiting:

Learn more about how ad groups work by visiting:


8 thoughts on “Create multiple ad groups and ads in Google Ads”

  1. This is The Exact Video I'm looking for. Thanks a lot but it will be great if I get a step by step guide from Google Ads how to set up a PPC Campaign for different services > I need a Complete Set Up Course from GOOGLE. Why Google? because frankly speaking, in the world of digital many SEO experts say that they are Expert and take Advance Money with fake promises from the owners who have the basic knowledge about digital marketing but not in details. For their sake I want GOOGLE to help those small business owners by providing a complete Digital Marketing Programming. Basically the SEO Part. I'll be grateful to GOOGLE if it happens in future. Thanks ^_^

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