5 pillars of PPC by Joel Bondorowsky

0:00 Webinar starts introduction to Joel

6:52 Slideshow starts

7:48 Pillar 1

14:52 Pillar 2

23:45 Pillar 3

32:18 Pillar 4

35:20 Pillar 5

39:15 After optimising your campaign, where do you expand and grow?

41:08 How to deal with call/click fraud

43:28 Is it better to split keywords into different ad groups?

50:07 What about when google says bid not showing on first page, yet you ad gets clicks?

51:25 What is a UTM Parameter?

53:00 Is it worth bidding on your brand terms, if you rank no1 organically?

54:37 Is running 3 ads for A/B testing better than 2?

57:45 Our of ad extensions which ones improve CTR?


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