Why isn't my site's PageRank changing?

Our website is not improving in Google PageRank despite having regular updates and foolproof content authorized by proven editors. What could be the reason for this? Kindly help in sussing out the issue. Thank you.
Dileep, India

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47 thoughts on “Why isn't my site's PageRank changing?”

  1. Google declared thereafter: “PageRank is something that we haven’t updated for over a year now, and we’re probably not going to be updating it again gong forward, at least the Toolbar version.“

  2. Well, looks like PageRank just updated this AM (Friday Dec 6/2013) – How does this coincide with the statement that we can expect PageRank to "start going away a little bit"?

  3. At first, PR led to Link Building and Link Building led to spammy links. As a result, Link Building no longer popular after Penguin Updates and hence followed by PR. As you can hear from this video, PR = How many links that linked to your site and the quality of those links. So PR affected by Link Building, earlier was White + Black Hat but now perhaps only White Hat link building can boost PR.

  4. it looks like page rank is updated within 2 years and that is a long time, another reason is updating site regularly, can anyone tell me within how much time should i update my site on regular basis ? a update my site 1 day every week which means 4 times in a month so is it less or alright ? my page rank is still 0 and it has been 1 year of my website and i update my site 4 times in a month from the time i started my website so any reason that the page rank is still 0
    thanks in advance

  5. Well, in theory, great content usually leads to other websites linking to your site. But in reality, the content has to be really amazing to make people link to it and you also need to promote that content. It can be the cure to cancer, but if people don't see it, Google won't see it also.

  6. I think the real question was about Page Rank, meaning where his website is in the organic results, Google Search Results, not the Icon Old School page rank up top.

  7. Hi Matt. I very confused now, many videos you telling webmasters and general that quality content is the Key to SEO, and now with recent updates in 2.1 Wave (Panda/Penguin/Hummingbird/ , is the "High Page Rank" " / " links" more important over the quality content and keywords ?? , i thought Page rank is faded out already, are you trying to say i need quality content and links from Top Big sites Like Wiki Google ?

  8. Bye bye link sellers. I hope you find something more hot than a higher page rank link as a product. Also, dofollow and nofollow is not in the game anymore, so it's time to focus more on author ranks than page ranks.

  9. Hi Matt,
    Does this mean that we need not to bother PR to optimize the website? Because one of the main factor we use to Judge the SEO standards of a site is by PR…Please give clear idea on this, becoz this doubt comes to me when I know that PR what Google page rank toolbar shows to my website is not the correct one..

  10. Thanks Dileep,really nice question. i also wait for PR update form last many months. another thing is website link structure is too important for getting back links for increase Page Rank.

  11. The answer to the second question is "they are, but in Webmaster Tools."

    The problem with the first question is that for every person at the gate that "got hit", someone else has to go up to either fill the newly vacated space or a space higher up (if someone else slides down to fill the newly vacated space, creating said space higher up). You never hear from the people who go up…they get credit for "SEO". You only hear from the ones who go down, because that's Google's fault.

  12. ha ha … another example of people wasting years of time & effort trying to 'satisfy' Google only for Google to tell them that they've changed the rules again!

    Yet again, if Google is your own source of traffic then you're screwed!

  13. Please… I am sure there are loads of people at the gates, begging to know why their site was hit by the last update, or the rumor about Google deciding not to reveal visitor search keyword information anymore.

  14. So do I, but he's only answering the things people ask. In other words, the problem isn't that he's answering stupid questions, it's that people aren't asking intelligent ones.

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