What analyzing 1,000 businesses told us about SEO and site design

Welcome to today’s webinar which looks at some original research conducted by Chris Weickart who analyzed 1000 sites with the SEMrush site suit tool in order to find the most common issues across the web with regards to website design and technical implementation.

Tools Used in this Video

SEMrush Site Audit Tool: https://www.semrush.com/features/site-audit/

Presenter: Chris Weickart
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisweickert

SEO Expert: Tom Casano
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tomcasano?lang=en
Website: https://www.sureoak.com

Design Expert: Daniel Butler
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheBannermen
Website: http://thebannermen.com/

Host: Ross Tavendale
Twitter: @rtavs
Site: https://typeamedia.co.uk

Video Timestamps

2:05 Intro to Chris
3:47 Intro to Tom
6:30 Intro to Dan
Chris Starts Presentation
9:48 Thanks to the Data Providers
11:08 A Background to the Study
13:40 About the Study – How we got the data
15:36 Top Level Look at the Data
16:47 Regional Distribution
19:56 Most Significant Site Errors
21:21 Missing Titles and Content Issues
22:20 Content Issues
23:24 Owner and Client Issues when it comes to fixing sites from a tech SEO point of view
27:00 Designer Issues
28:00 Panel Discussions
29:23 Where to start with the technical audits to fix a site
31:10 When do have conversations with clients about SEO when getting a site designed?
32:38 How do you get people more engaged with search? How do you start the conversation with a business owner?
35:21 How do you be diplomatic when dealing with website designers to get your website changes implemented
37:25 Who’s job is it to tell the business owner that SEO matters?
39:28 What’s the best way to get a designer onboard without throwing them under the bus

Audience Questions

Rod Gustafson asks: Google wants 1000+ words on a page – what about concise information with fewer words?
Nicolas Gantenburg asks: of all the errors – which one has the biggest impact on your site?
Steven Richel Asks: Should I build a site myself with no website design experience or should I pay a professional?
Robert Hendon asks is semantic structure becoming a ranking factor?
Random Person asks is uncompressed javascript and CSS a big deal? Do I need to fix it?


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