Weekly Wisdom: Mining GSC – Using Query language to build powerful reports and gain instant insights

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The great thing about using Google Sheets to do something called QUERY, which is kind of like a pseudo-SQL type of language, and I am gonna show you all the SEO tips and tricks I have got using QUERY inside of Google Sheets to make your data analysis life way, way easier.

So, I think we have all been in a position where we get a bunch of search console data in, and we can see our keywords, but the thing is when you get 5,000 keywords, it is kind of hard to actually work out what to do with this data.

Using a Table: How it Works

I mean, there are some obvious things, right? I mean, you could stick it in a table. That is relatively straightforward, so select the entire thing and stick it in a nice little filler table. And then we can know, you can start filtering through it, which is fine. You know, you have got filter by condition, so give me everything that is greater than 10,000 impressions, so I can see all the high-end stuff, and that will chop the data down.


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