Shopify Facebook Pixel Conversions – The Easiest Fastest Way To Set Up Your Pixel Purchase Tracking

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Shopify Facebook Pixel Conversions – how to set up your Shopify Facebook Pixel Conversions.
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HEY! This is another video in the Shopify Marketing Series and today we lay the structural pillars for us to start becoming successful with Shopify. We install the Shopify Facebook Conversions Pixel to start tracking things like Add to Card, Purchase, Website view, and much more.

Shopify Facebook Pixel Setup 2018 – the first thing you want to do is head over to to access your business manager. In here, you can successfully do your Shopify Facebook Pixel Setup 2018. When setting up, make sure you choose a Shopify Facebook Pixel Integration. This integration will allow you to easily add some code to your Shopify store and quickly get your Shopify Facebook Pixel Integrated and installed.

What happens after that – Shopify will then confirm a few things on your website:

Shopify Facebook Pixel Add To Cart – Facebook will now start tracking your Add To Carts. Meaning when a customer clicks “add to cart” in your Shopify store, you will get reporting of when this happens. Shopify Facebook Pixel Add To Cart is crucial for proper reporting. The more Pixel integrations you can get the better data you will have available to you when you start running ads.

Shopify Facebook Pixel Events – Shopify will now track your events like website view, content view, and other items.

And the most important:

Shopify Facebook Pixel Purchase Tracking – When Shopify optimizes your store for Pixel Purchase tracking, your Pixel will actually start working for you rather than you spending a boatload of money. The Shopify Facebook Pixel Purchase setting will give you simple reporting of whose buying and how much you are spending to get a purchase on the Shopify Facebook Pixel Integration.

Hope this video was helpful for looking trying to set up Shopify Facebook Pixel Conversions

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