Most Harmful SEO Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Join SEMrush for an information-packed round table discussion with four industry experts on the topic of the Most Harmful SEO Mistakes! Andy Drinkwater, Bastian Grimm, Eric Enge, and Nick Wilsdon will be taking an in-depth look at the top most harmful SEO mistakes that are detrimental to your website’s health and also will go over what steps to take to fix them.

Some of the points we will cover are:

00:17 Research – too many people are willing to listen to a friend or colleague without performing some level of due diligence and asking questions
07:57 UX Issues – are people happy on your site? how can you find out what is wrong and what you can do to fix it
19:20 Linkbuilding & Outreach – how to be more successful with your link building efforts
34:13 Slow loading sites – almost ties in with UX, but is that important, it needs to be discussed separetly
43:47 Hidden technical issues – many sites can suffer due to a whole host of technical problems


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